Distribuciones Feliu S.L. is dedicated to storing, distributing and marketing dietary supplements and personal care products.


To lead with our brands, ANA MARIA LAJUSTICIA and AMLSPORT, in the national market and internationally, while maintaining high levels of quality, safety and integrity to ensure control in the storage and distribution chain.

Distribuciones Feliu S.L. aims for sustainable growth (carbon footprint and energy efficiency) based on respect for the health and food safety of individuals in an optimal working environment. The fundamental principles of Distribuciones Feliu S.L. are:

• Ensure the quality and food safety of our products.

• Address consumer needs, contributing to nutrition, health and well-being, and being committed to professionally responding to any of their requirements.

• Promote a culture of food safety among all our employees.

• Innovate in the dietary supplement market.

• Ensure that this Management System Policy is known to all employees and stakeholders.

• Advance in continuous improvement by allocating necessary resources and planning their proper utilisation.

• Comply with legal requirements established by current legislation, ensuring that the company’s actions align with current regulations related to quality and environment, as well as technical requirements based on the needs of our customers.

• Prevent and minimise occupational risks, pollution and negative environmental impacts resulting from our activities, with the aim of elimination.

• Use resources rationally, minimising water, paper, energy, packaging, etc. consumption, reducing waste generation and emissions, promoting recycling through the implementation of Environmental Best Practices focused on savings, energy efficiency and resource or process efficiency using eco-efficient solutions.

• Implement initiatives to raise awareness of environmental, energy and health and safety matters in society, beginning with our team through training, information, education and awareness activities, while promoting Environmental Best Practices among customers and suppliers.

• Contribute to research, development and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge aimed at improving and preserving the environment.

• Prevent and reduce potential pollution and negative impacts on the environment resulting from our activities.

• Apply control measures to reduce risk, proportional to the value of the assets we possess, following the risk analysis conducted and Distribuciones Feliu S.L.’s acceptance levels.

• Commitment of management to compliance with UAE.S/GSO 2055:1-2015 General Requirements for Halal Food, MS.1500:2009 Halal Foods and HAS 23000:2011 Halal Assurance System in the storage, distribution and marketing of Halal-certified dietary supplements.


Distribuciones Feliu S.L. is a distributor/retailer of dietary supplements committed to enhancing people’s quality of life through our products and services.

Our motto is to promote a healthy lifestyle through recommendations, advice, marketing of dietary supplements, dissemination of knowledge and research into real societal issues.

All our products adhere to established standards of quality, environmental sustainability and food safety, and each supplier must comply with them through a strict approval and evaluation system.

Our relationships with customers and suppliers are characterised by high cooperation and open communication. We strive to establish a Management System for storage, marketing and distribution activities that accomplishes:

1. Identification, assessment and control of risks that could have an undesirable impact on the quality, safety and integrity of products, both in storage and distribution.

2. Provision of means and resources to minimise or eliminate environmental risks in our activities, working towards the sustainability of the company’s processes.

3. Involvement of personnel through information, training and awareness of the importance of maintaining quality, safety, food safety and environmental management in processes related to the storage, distribution and commercialisation of our products.

4. Engagement with suppliers aligned with our quality, safety and environmental principles, accrediting them as an integral part of our activity.

5. Engagement with customers to obtain information on incidents for establishing actions to prevent their recurrence and addressing their needs.

6. Implementation of self-control tools to determine the degree of compliance with our customers’ requirements, the quality management system and applicable legal and environmental requirements.


Our Essence: We are Ana Maria Lajusticia, the brand of dietary supplements based on magnesium.

Our Attitude: An enhancement to life.

As a core value, Distribuciones Feliu, S.L. is committed to fulfilling its mission through plans and indicators for quality, food safety and environmental management. These plans will encompass objectives and actions aimed at continuous improvement to meet the needs of our customers. T

his Management System Policy will undergo an annual review and will be communicated to all stakeholders, readily available to anyone who may need it.

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