Ana María Lajusticia® emerges from the determination of a woman who chose to attach her own name and face to the brand to staunchly support her beliefs. She asserts: “I am certain of my words, of my actions. It’s not mere opinion; it’s what chemistry dictates, and chemistry doesn’t err. And, because of my certainty, my signature and photograph.”

This woman is a trailblazer, clearly ahead of her time, whose very life serves as the ultimate testament to the authenticity and efficacy of her undertaking. Nonconformist, restless, curious and energetic, exceptionally dedicated and industrious. Her life philosophy is straightforward: “Luck must be accompanied by effort; studying is a form of labour.” She began her career in a male-dominated sphere, which heightened her self-imposed standards and nonconformity, propelling her to pursue further studies.

Ana María’s perseverance has been with her in every aspect of her life, but what has truly shaped her career from the start is her quest for knowledge: “I have a passion for learning.” She has the knack for simplifying complexity, making even the most complicated subjects accessible to all.

Though this journey has left a mark on history, Ana María has stayed true to herself. Her humility and her aim to assist others have been the core principles of her actions, establishing Ana María Lajusticia® as a distinctive and identity-driven brand, able to adapt to each moment without compromising its values and purpose. This unwavering mindset is ingrained in the DNA of its founder and will endure as part of her legacy.


In the words of its founder: “Our aim is for people to have good health. And being healthy, makes you happier.”

Ana María Lajusticia® was founded with the goal of enhancing people’s lifestyles through balanced nutrition and supplementation.

This overarching objective has guided its evolution as a brand from the outset, adapting to cater to the needs of its consumers across all aspects and stages of their lives, while steadfastly upholding its principles: scientific rigour as the bedrock for developing quality products, accessible to all.

The reason Ana María Lajusticia® has become a fixture in so many households is that its genuine nature has enabled the brand to convey transparency in its messaging, nurturing a sense of connection with users, which has gradually transformed into a bond of trust with the consumer.

And it is precisely this trust that serves as the cornerstone of the brand’s relationship with users, paving the way for enduring loyalty.


To project ourselves into the future, it's crucial to honor our origins. Within the definition of Ana María Lajusticia®, there are attributes that inherently propel us forward.

One such attribute is innovation, a cornerstone of the brand since its inception and a driving force behind its evolution. We continuously question, research, and expand our knowledge to enhance our products, fueled by a pioneering spirit that propels progress.

When discussing innovation, the pivotal question arises: where to next? People’s needs guide our path forward, as societal demands evolve over time. Ana María Lajusticia® remains adaptable, consistently providing solutions rooted in scientific rigor while upholding our brand's principles and values.

Integral to our forward trajectory is another key element: sustainability. This concept isn't merely theoretical but is actively practiced daily. We're committed to being a conscious, responsible brand, mindful of our long-term impact and footprint.



A brand steeped in history and heritage. Tied to the life of its founder, who has transcended the boundaries of conventional paths. Acknowledging its past as an asset for the future. With a legacy that serves as a competitive edge. With human values and an authentic personality reflected in its brand values. Ana María’s genetic legacy permeates the brand, driving it to its fullest potential.


In chemistry, truth resides” - Ana María Lajusticia.

Scientific rigour underpins the brand’s operations. Staying true to its principles, quality sets the benchmark for product formulation, manufacturing and delivery. Continuously striving for innovation and enhancement, it remains unaffected by passing fads, focusing on its core mission: earnestly enhancing people’s quality of life.


Every action we take has consequences. Choosing a path that aids progress and growth, while continuing to address people’s needs (while respecting the planet’s evolution and its inhabitants), ensures a positive impact. Sustainability is how Ana María Lajusticia® embeds environmental respect into every decision and action of the brand.

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